5+ A Day

We all know we are supposed to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but who really manages this? I know it is a challenge for me at the end of term, as its just a busy time of performances, assessments and general chaos. Often I find myself running on chocolate and energy drinks, macaroni and cheese, and plenty of toast. Then the guilt settles in.

This year I have been working hard to have things actually growing in the garden over winter, with some success! It’s still not enough to cover us for a vege supply over winter, but it has been wonderful. The perpetual spinach has been thriving with the silver beet (chard) both making regular appearances in husband lunches.

Of course I picked a cold and windy day to show my gardens. The leeks are coming along, spring onions are ready, and various lettuces coming along as and when they like. The citrus trees are also doing well, it’s lemons ready, mandarins soon to follow, and tangelos in the wings.

My challenge to myself this week is to make sure I have the 5+ a Day during my school week. I will attempt to blog my progress on this or I will lack accountability!

I also plan on making a mushroom soup this week as well.

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