Despicable Me Minion Hat – Knitting Pattern

This one is for a friend of mine. Recently we dressed as Minions for a school event, and it was fun. She is a fan.

All my “Despicable Me” patterns are available for free here

Generally this hat fits a child/teen depending on your tension and needle size.  Some people have done well making this in the round.

You will need:
Yellow, white, grey and black dk yarn
4.5mm needles
6mm needles

To make this for a child, simply change the needle size to 4mm and 5mm.

Cast on 70 stitches in yellow (on 4.5mm teen or 4mm child)
Rib 8 rows

Change to 6mm needles for teen or 5mm needles for a child.
Stst 2 rows.

Complete the next rows according to the picture.
RS rows: Knit 26 stitches, follow the chart, knit to end.
WS rows: purl 25 stitches, follow the chart, purl to end.

The brown represents the yellow, and green for the grey. Where there are 4 black stitches showing, the whole row needs to be in black over the hat to make the band around the eye glass bit.

Stst 4 rows
K3, k2 together over the whole row
K2, k2 together over the whole row
K1, k2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row
Cut yarn, leaving 30cm, thread all stitches onto the yarn, pull to tighten

Sew up the side of the hat. Darn in the tails. Attach 8 twisted yarn hair strands on the top of the hat.

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17 thoughts on “Despicable Me Minion Hat – Knitting Pattern

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  6. I have a Bazaar coming up next month and have been knitting up at storm; i.e., minion items (hats, mittens, headbands.) Love the despicable me minion patterns. Easy to follow and look great! Thanks so much.

    • Hello there,

      I find that children have fairly large skulls anyway, and this hat should fit a young child. You could cast on 10 less stitches to make it smaller, or reduce your needle size and that would also make it smaller.

  7. thank you for the minion patterns, my grandson loves the minions and kept on asking me to knit him one,but I ve only just got your site up .thanks again

  8. Is the eye supposed to be centered on the stitches? Knitting 26 and then starting the glasses does not leave even stitches after the glasses so the purl (WS) row shouldn’t be 25. Am I reading this wrong?

    • Hello,

      The eye is supposed to be centred…. this pattern is reasonably old now and hasn’t been reviewed in years… chances are your calculations are correct and the pattern has a mistake.

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