Top 10 Patterns of 2018

It has been a challenging year really, with so much going on. I had hoped to have more patterns released this year, but it just hasn’t happened due to work and injury. However, I am proud of the fact that I have managed to maintain a posting schedule in the last quarter. Hopefully I can keep this up moving forward. (It does involve working solidly on pattern development in my downtime from work, and advance scheduling… which I do enjoy forward planning).

Speaking of planning, I am a massive planner-girl… so expect a release of knitting pattern pages for planners coming in the new year.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 patterns this year – according to views on the blog. Some go back a long time in terms of when they were released, and some did surprise me, and some were very recent additions that just proved instantly popular.

10. “Despicable Me” Minion Toy

This guy goes back a long, long way. He first went viral when I was in China, which did strangely lead to me moving the blog from Blogspot to WordPress (a very long story). He only just beat out his 2 eyed companion by 15 views. He also was the pattern that won me the Fibre Arts contest over on Instructables many moons ago.

9. Pokeball Beanie

This hat was designed on a request by a small boy. It has remained consistently popular since it was released… and it has been one on my list to be re-developed for a long, long time.

8. Lobster Claw Cable Messy-bun hat

This was a joy to develop, and one that only released last month (I think?). It has become one of my favourite hats, and one of the few that I haven’t given away upon completion.

7. Dance or Yoga socks

These were developed back when I had broken my ankle, well, after recovery. I found that the screws really reacted to the cold, so these socks were designed to get me through a winter teaching Drama… it was a great way of having sort-of warm feet, while having a strong ground hold.

6. “Despicable Me” Hat

Yeah, the minions have remained a popular pattern chain. I really should re-look at the patterns with a view to improving them.

5. Fox Ear-flap hat

Such a cute hat. This hat and the yoga socks have continued to be best sellers when I was working on the market circuit.

4. Knitted Poppy

This was a very recent pattern, released on Armistice day this year. I didn’t expect it to go as viral as it did, especially with the late release day. But it was a joy to create, and one I plan to use for yarn bombing in the new year for ANZAC Day.

Remembrance Day Poppy

3. Olaf the Snowman from “Frozen”

Olaf was such a joy to create. I loved “Frozen” and couldn’t resist creating an Olaf, as some things are worth melting for.

2. Dishcloth

Yeah, this was a surprise. However, I do love mine. I have some that I use exclusively for washing windows and glass shower doors. Brilliant.

  1. Cabled ponytail hat and Messy Bun hat.

Honestly, the messy bun hat was the most requested item. I didn’t even understand why. Then I made one, and loved it. So the cabled version followed relatively shortly after. The messy bun hat was designed so that people could develop their own patterns within the main part of the hat if they liked.


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