Despicable Me Minion Toy – Knitting Pattern

Minions are so cute. After making the minion hat, I decided to design this little guy. He is about 15-20cm tall, and far too cute.

You can find all my “Despicable Me” inspired patterns here

You will need
4mm needles
Yellow, blue, black and grey dk wool
1 large goggle eye

Legs – make 2

Cast on 10
Stst 4 rows in black
Stst 6 rows in blue

Slide 2 legs together

K1, k1 front and back, repeat over whole row
Stst 9 rows blue

Stst 22 rows yellow

Stst 3 rows black
Stst 9 rows yellow
K2 tog over whole row
Purl whole row
K2 tog over row. Cut yarn, thread stitches onto yarn, pull tight.

Overall front
Using a crochet hook, pick up 9 stitches on the front of the minion, in the last row of blue.

Stst 9 rows
Cast off.

Eye surround
Cast on 4 stitches in grey.
Stst 23 rows
Cast off

Arms – make 2
Cast on 12 in yellow
Stst 10 rows yellow
Stst 4 black
K2 tog over row, cut yarn, thread stitches onto yarn, pull to tighten.

Straps – make 2
Cast on 3 in blue
Stst 34 rows
Cast off.

Attach twisted yarn hairs to the top of the head.
Stitch up legs and overall bottoms (blue knitting)
Stitch up head and black strap.
Stuff and sew up the back.
Sew up arms and attach to body.
Attach eye to the front of the black stripe.

Sew grey eye surround into a circle, stitch around the eye. Run yarn around the side, and pull to tighten around the goggle eye.

Attach straps to the back of the minion, crossing over his back.

Attach to top of overalls with black thread.
Stitch on a smile.

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17 thoughts on “Despicable Me Minion Toy – Knitting Pattern

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  4. I made the grey around the eye ,but instead of buying an eye i knitted one in side the grey , with white wool , picking up stitches from bottom, then casted off , sewed to grey , then cast on a few stitches in black , done a few rows , then thread through stitches , pulled and made a round shape , sewed to one side of grey and white

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