It’s been so busy, thank goodness for soup!

Well, term three began with a hiss and a roar, followed by a great deal of cold. Sickness threatened. And almost won out. However, soup was the total hero! Between all the frozen soup and easily made soup, we made it through the worst of it all. (I hope). Spring is in view, and soon the weather will warm.
This morning has been a great time to make more of the Kumara and Leek Soup, still my favourite of the season.


Preparing my favourite soup

Knitting designs have slowed down with the busy-ness of the season sadly, but at least my Doctor Who Scarf is finished!  I love it completely; even if it is a challenge to wear.

I also have a Doctor Who Scarf Beanie… made from the scraps, and this pattern will follow.

Currently I am working on a Bearded Beanie and Minion Mittens, as one reader has issued the challenge, so watch this space for a pattern.
With the Drama of the Earthquake (6.5) in Wellington on Friday when I was in town with 50 students, a few hit but not gaining more than minor scraps by falling ceilings, and all our transport cancelled, I am happy for a dull and dreary few days.  (Here’s hoping anyway).


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