"Despicable Me" Minion Ear Flap Hat – Knitting Pattern

So many minion designs, so little time. I’ve never made a pattern for an ear flap hat before, and this was a popular request. So here we have it, a minion ear flap hat, knitted in the round.

I think it is a little trickier than the other minion hats I have listed. I also crocheted the eyes, but these could be made out of white felt.

You can either knit this yourself, or purchase one made especially for you here.

All my “Despicable Me” patterns are available here for free

This pattern is a teen-adult size. For other sizes, adjust the number of stitches casted on.

You will need:
Yellow and blue dk yarn
Scraps of white, grey and black dk yarn
3.75mm circular needle, and also short dp needles for when the hat reaches the apex
Crochet hook
2 black buttons

Minion ear flap hat

The ear flap bits – make 2 on dp needles

Cast on 5 in blue on 3.75mm
1 knit
2 Knit
3 K2, yrn, k2 tog, k1
4 Knit row
5 K1 front and back, k2, k1 front and back, k1
6 knit
7 K1 front and back, k4, k1 front and back, k1
8 knit
9 K1 front and back, k6, k1 front and back, k1
10 knit
11 K1 front and back, k8, k1 front and back, k1
12 knit
13 K1 front and back, k10, k1 front and back, k1
14 knit
15 knit
16 knit
17 knit
18 knit
19 knit
20 knit

Leave on needle, and make another.

Slide the first flap onto a circular needle. Cast on 40 stitches (this is the front). Slide on other flap. Cast on 35 stitches (this is the back) you should now have 105 stitches.
1 knit
2 purl
3 knit
4 purl
5 knit
6 purl
7 knit
8 purl
9 knit
10 purl
11 knit
12 purl – this will create the blue garter stitch section

Change to yellow
Knit 16 rows

Change to black
Knit 6 rows

Change to yellow
Knit 20 rows

K3, k2 together over the whole row
K2, k2 together over the whole row
K1, k2 together over the whole row – I changed to 4 needles at this point.
K2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row
Cut yarn, leaving 30cm, thread all stitches onto the yarn, pull to tighten

Crochet 2 white circles, or cutout of felt. I am new to crochet, so the following instructions may or may not be useful.
Chain 4, and make into a loop.
Double crochet 8 times around the inter circle.
Double crochet 16 times around the middle circle.
Double crochet 32 times around the outer white circle.
Complete a rotation of double crochet in grey around the outside.

Crochet or blanket stitch in grey around the white circles.
Sew onto the front of the hat, on the black band.

Sew on 2 buttons for eye-pupils

Cut lengths of yarn for the tassels.
Thread and loop through the holes made in the ear flaps.

Braid and tie the ends.

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10 thoughts on “"Despicable Me" Minion Ear Flap Hat – Knitting Pattern

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  3. how long would this hat take if i work 3-5 hours a day? I’m a beginner and I’m thinking of making one for my Halloween costume…

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