Exploring The Weta Cave

Now, I am a mad keen movie fan. I could happily see movies all day. Especially sci-fi and fantasy movies. I love stories and impossible worlds, so of course, a trip to The Weta Cave is always a highlight.

I’ve been before. And it was awesome. And now I went again. Yes, this is being posted to two of my blogs, because, I think it fits.

Richard Taylor and the team at Weta have put together and amazing experience at the Weta Cave. From a free 25 minute behind the scenes look at the various wings of Weta and the movies they have been a part of, to the museum, to the replica props, to the quality merchandise, it’s all great. Now they even have a paid tour as well. (And that’s only $20 per adult!) it does get busy, so go early, avoiding 11:00am-2:00pm which seems to be the busiest time.

Now, why on the Guru sight? Well… I’ve been wanting to knit dwalven hats for a while… And now I have a picture of a real one up close. But they also have the prop replica knitting pattern and kit… From the same yarn as the one in the films! Yes, I bought one.

And a chain mail kit!

Such a nerd, I know. Watch this space to see the hat and the scarf take shape… And go visit the Weta Cave in miramar if you are in wellington! It’s amazing, even if you don’t like Tolkien.

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