Well, after 5 years with Blogger, it was time for a change… sadly this means that I am having to re-tag all my posts, re-link all my patterns and generally do a lot of housekeeping over here at theknitguru.com.



It seemed like a good time to actually try and move my online presence in a more professional way… now my Etsy account links nicely with the blog address…. even if I haven’t mastered getting Etsy Mini running on the new blog platform.

While it will be a massive tranisitional phase, as hopefully my old followers will link over to here, and hopefully I will pick up new followers too.  Please bear with me as I go back and work through all the old posts, old links and generally try to get this all looking lovely.  What I will do shortly is release a special discount for readers here on the new site to purchase from my Etsy store, and even a free gift with purchase for followers.


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