Knitted Bow – For Hair or as a Brooch

My obsession with bow ties continues… But this time in my hair… This bow is a great stash buster, and a good way to practise working with multiple needles.

Either make your own using these instructions, or buy one here.

You will need:
3 x 4mm dpn
DK yarn
Pinback or hair clip

Cast on 15 stitches.
Knit front and back of each stitch, placing the created stitches on 2 needles. You will end up with 15 stitches on each needle, in 2 parallel rows.

Knit 29 rotations.
Cast off with Kitchener stitch, holding the 2 needles together. This wil make a seamless bow part.


Cast on 8 stitches.
Stocking stitch 10 rows, slipping the first stitch of every row.
Cast off.

Crimp the bow in the centre.

Attach the tie around the bow, and stitch up at the back.

Sew on the pinback or clip.

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