What’s Growing – Late March 2014

It's been a busy weekend, of gardening, knitting, and more gardening… Not to mention preparing all those vege for the winter.


The greenhouse is going mad crazy with cucumbers. I have never grown anything as successfully. I'm pleased, as I do love cucumber…. But I will be eating it like candy for a long, long time. Unless anyone has a suggestion about what to do with it?


We decided to finish the painting of the raised beds this weekend as well. The previous owners built the beds, but they have been untreated timber for at least 10 years. The painting will help them last longer. Sadly they were originally built with nails…. Bad move…. So soon we will need to replace the corners with coach bolts or screws so that it stays upright. But for now the beds look stunning with fresh black paint and new white stones.


Of course, this still leaves more to do.


The tomatoes have been doing great…. Even with holes dug by beagles at the base. This weekend I skinned and froze the pretty ones, turned the ugly ones into pizza sauce, and the small ones washed and in the fridge for this weeks salads.


Even the corn has been harvested, blanched and frozen.


Given how many veggies I have thrown into the freezer, I will need to post about this. Mainly as I will forget what I actually did!


And on the needles….. Well, I tried to sleep in…. And this happened:



And my dog needs a sheep outfit… Which will be uploaded to instructables at some point. It still needs a tail, a belt and a hat…. But we are getting there.



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