Lorax Hat – Knitting Pattern

My nephew was too young to love the Lorax when the movie came out, and still too young to read…. but I have always been a Dr Seuss Fan.  Now he has the DVD, and he LOVES the Lorax.

Lorax Hat Knitting Pattern

So he needed a new winter hat.

This hat was designed for a 5 year old boy.  However, the main part of the hat can be made to any size.  To convert to an adult or teen size, increase the cast on stitches to 100, and change the 30 rows to 40.

You will need:
4.5mm straight needles
DK yarn in orange and yellow
Goggle eyes
Crochet Hook


Cast on 80 stitches in orange.
Rib 12 rows (k2, p2)


Stocking stitch 30 rows in orange.

K3, k2 tog over whole row
K2, k2 tog over whole row
K1, k2 tog over whole row
K2 tog over whole row
K2 tog over whole row
Cut yarn with 30 cm tail.  Thread remaining stitches onto yarn, pull to tighten.  Stitch up the side of the hat, darn in the tails.


With crochet hook, chain 4, make into a loop.  Create a double crotchet circle around the loop.  Only one rotation.


To create the mustache wind yellow yarn loosely around the palm of your hand.  Place across the hat, and stitch on the ribbing.  Sew on the nose on top.



Wind yellow yarn around 2 fingers.  Place on the hat, and attach.


Trim the mustache and eyebrows.
Sew on the eyes.



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