Last minute Christmas Gift Knits for Kids

With Christmas just around the corner, you may well now be aware of kids or teens that you still haven’t sorted out something for. Here is my sure-fire hits for teens and children that don’t take long to make or much yarn.

Knitted creatures

Fantastic Beasts released the second film in the series, “The Crimes of Grindelwald”. A fast project to make is this Bowtruckle, who is made with a very small amount of yarn but a little bit of fiddly sewing up. The Niffler is a cute and simple knit, it will use more yarn, but has very easy sewing up.

Or this Star Wars Porg. You could knit a few of these in a day.

Younger children may enjoy this Olaf the Snowman. Or even this really cute Sheepy the Sheep.

For a simple, cute and free pattern, and the new Pokemon games all over the internet, check out these Luvdisc pokemon. You can easily make a whole family of them in an afternoon. Or this brand new Pokemon, Meltan.


Making something practical to wear is also a great idea, particularly if you are in a colder climate. These hats can all be completed within a day, or an evening if you are a speedy knitter. These are also a hit with kids and teens.


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