Winter Solstice Market- Yay!

Well, we hosted a market… and it was wonderful.  Stressful, but wonderful and I dare say we will do it again.

More importantly, I had my first stall at a market.  That was probably the most nerve wracking part of the whole experience.  Generally I love talking to people, but not about my stuff….. that always feels a little… well, egotistical.  However, I gathered my nerves, organised myself and got to work.

I bought a nice wee purple tablecloth, and a bookshelf, and some green and purple felt. And I set up.  I had a supply of business cards, and they were popular (hello to anyone following the link on the card to this here blog.)

Popular products were definitely the “Plants you can’t kill” – knitted cactuses in wee pots… as well as the novelty hats.  I definitely needed a larger range of both.  The Coffee Cuddlers were a keen seller, but I didn’t end up with a large enough range of colours I think.  The whole experience was wonderful, and I am sure I will do another one, but I definitely would have done better if I had have found the time to have the stock on the table that I had planned…. and if I had remembered the apples for the apple cozies…

My stall at the Winter Solstice Market

My stall at the Winter Solstice Market


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