Long time, no write…. And here is why…

It's been busy, oh so busy…. With fundraisers and concerts and shows and beagles and speaking engagements and rehearsals…. Such is life. But it has been good. And now I need to turn my hand to blogging again.


I'm off to London and Paris in September! With 20 gorgeous students and my husband and my assistant. We are going to have a fantastic time and learn so much about performance.


But, this is a blog about everything else. 🙂


There will be new patterns, soon…. Soon…. I've been working on knitting jerseys for the niece and nephews, such a mission. But there may be a sweet toddler jersey pattern to come. And there will be news items…. Watch this space. And finally, tomorrow (maybe Friday) the pattern for knitted cactuses will hit the web.


But for now…. Here are the plants you can't kill.




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