Potato Waffles and Shakespeare

It has been a busy we time with hospitals, and the best Flash Mob Shakespeare performance ever… and the future looks just as full of Shakespeare, hospitals and radio plays.  But all is well, well indeed.

"Love's Labours Won" troupe

The knitting is massively underway, as I am planning on having a market stall with my sister shortly.  It should be an experience.  Basically I just want to test the waters and see what works.  I did a few markets last year, but that was more about fundraising with my students.  This time it is about seeing if I can actually make a bit of an income from my crafting.

The garden is growing so well.  Tomatoes, well, I am sick of the sight of them at the moment.  Basically I have a freezer full of skinned tomatoes, corn and chillies…. with more to come.  There is some sort of weird caterpillar attacking my cabbage seedlings and cucumber plants in the greenhouse, which has me just a wee bit worried.  The blackberries are doing great, and the apples will be on the plate soon too.  And my chickens are getting ready to start laying next month!  Talk about all go.

But Potato Waffles!  Seriously a good thing.

Potato Waffles and garden vege

Potato Waffles and garden vege

Potato Waffles

1 cup mashed potato
1/2 cup onions, chopped and sweated off in butter
1/4 cup flour
1 egg
Salt and pepper

Mix everything together.  Basically I like to think the waffles as a left-over dish. So cook a little extra potato and onion the night before… as you don’t want to add egg to hot mixture.

Stir everything together.

Spoon into waffle iron, and allow to cook until brown.

Blissful with grated cheese.  You can grill them with the cheese on top.  Also great in lunchboxes the next day


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