Getting back on the band wagon

I tell you, summer and autumn are completely mental times of the year!  I feel like I’m falling behind in the garden, and with all the harvesting…. not to mention working out how to keep produce for winter!

Today I bottled another 6 bottles of beetroot.  These must be mentioned are small jars…. this adds to my 6 already.  I did a jar of blackberry jam during the week, and I do plan on doing another one.  Basically we don’t use a lot of jam in a year, so a couple of jars would be plenty.  Tonight I need to pick and blanch more corn, skin tomatoes, and get things ready to freeze for winter.  I think the freezer will need culling, so the chickens will be in food heaven shortly.

The cucumbers are still being attacked by some caterpillar, but producing.  Eggplants and okra doing fine, even though I hate both vegetables.  Pumpkins are finally producing, so here’s hoping for plenty of future soup.

We had our winter loads of firewood delivered this weekend… so now next week looks like a great deal of wood stacking.  Yay?

And I’ve been knitting.  Basically I’m working on producing as many things as possible for the market in March, just to see what works.  I have been expanding my supply of non-humourous hats…. well, fashion hats I guess.  But I have been enjoying making Egyptian Cotton washcloths… simply beautiful to knit.

The Olaf hat came into existence last weekend, the pattern has been written, and the hat itself listed on Etsy.  Basically once I have found the time to finish the patterns for a regular Elsa and Anna doll, in Coronation outfits, then I will release all the patterns in one download.

Olaf Hat

And these wee hedgehogs have been produced.  I’m still tweaking the pattern but it should be released at some point.

With this next week being one of hospital visits, I am hoping for good news and swift decisions.  And maybe a future with bedrest involved.  Or at least, bring on rainy days of winter as I would love an excuse to sit down and relax.Knitted Hedgehog


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