6 Super Cool Knitting Patterns from Instructables

Long time readers will be well aware of my love affair with Instructables.  I have taught them, written them, won them and even spoke at an educational conference about using them in class.  Basically I thought it time to compile a post made of the greatest knitting patterns included on Instructables.  The advantage here is that you will have not just a pattern, but so many images to keep you on the right track.

So here they are, some super cool knitting patterns from Instructables.com

  1.  Knitted Seamonster

Finding cool and original knitting patterns to make for kids can be a struggle.  And this solves so many issues.  I love ol Nessie, and grew up with all sorts of stories about it.  Here you can make your own.  I actually had something super similar growing up

Picture of seamonster friend

2.  Calcifer Gloves

If you loved “Howls Moving Castle” – and how can you not – you NEED these gloves.  Admittedly, they look challenging, but there are so many different techniques and the images really help here.  How could you go wrong?

Picture of Miyazaki Mittens (Gloves)

3. Teeny tiny fish

These are very cool.  You can make them with left over yarn, or add catnip for a cat related gift.  You could also make a whole swag of them for a mobile.  Possibilites – endless.

Picture of There's something fishy in my pocket!

4. Olaf the Snowman

To be super fair- this is my pattern.  And he is adorable.  He doesn’t take too long to knit, and some have made him larger by doubling the number of rows and stitches on everything.  But, he is a very popular addition to my collection, and the instructables page gives a lot of instructions.

Picture of Knit Olaf the Snowman

5.  A piano scarf

This is illusion knitting.  I keep meaning to give it a shot.  This looks super achievable and really awesome.

Picture of Shadow or Illusion Knitting

6.  And entire farm!

This is a little OTT, but it is so cool.  An entire farm!  Who could resist this cuddly option.

Picture of EASY KNITTING PATTERNS: Mosbey's Dairy Farm



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