Music Note Beanie – the UPDATE!

The Music Note Beanie pattern has been updated, and now the pattern has been released.

UPDATE: The new pattern is published here for free


2 years ago I designed this hat with my good friend Cole in mind.  Since then others have made it, with varying levels of success.  Basically, the pattern needed tweaking for a wide audience, rather than a specific head.

Since then, the “Knitsy” Magazine wanted to feature the pattern.  So out came the dusty pattern and it has had a complete overhaul.  Now the pattern is for both straight and circular needles, as let’s face it, we all have preferences.  It is larger, and longer.

Now the new pattern is live on “Knitsy” in their 26th issue.  Here is a link to the magazine in the app store: and the Google Play store: And of course, the “Knitsy” Facebook post (  By all means pop over there and leave a comment about me (that’s my ego talking…) and give them a like.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 6.15.16 AM


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