Never give up… Never surrender.

It has been a week of highs and lows.

Basically, I had the slipper pattern book ready to release….. Then…. Hard drive failure! gah! Nothing worse than losing everything…. And I do mean everything.

But, never one to cave to pressure or give in, I just moved on. The patterns will be re-written. (Over time). I have the prototypes, and I have now more time to work a few more ideas. Heck…. Did I ever mention the Tardis slipper…. Or the slippers for the fourth and eleventh Doctor? Fan-girl alert.

In the mean time, I was struck with the idea that I can finally master the converse style slipper… And I'm almost there. While running up the most recent orders from Etsy, (it's nice to know people are buying who also follow the blog… Remember I offer a 10% discount with the code IREADYOU), I will perfect the converse slipper and get that pattern live. I know there are a lot of knitted sneakers, but I just haven't been impressed with the designs or the ease of construction…. I will combat both of those.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of version 3.0.




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