10 Days of Responsible Creativity

Starting tomorrow I will embark on 10 Days of Responsible Creativity.  Sounds good, right?

Insert crying from laughter emoji here.  I am far from responsible with my creativity.  In fact, if I had even joked about being creatively responsible last year, I wouldn’t have even been able to finish the sentence.  This is me… with my journals of half baked ideas, projects in various stages of completion, too many new things I want to try, and ever growing baskets of yarn…. which of course are for things that I will completely do at some point.

So what does it mean to be Responsible with Creativity?  My plan is thus.

  1.   I shall not forsake the things that need to be done to do the things I feel like.
  2.   Things shall be completed.
  3.   New ideas and inspirations will be noted (so that I can lean on them when creativity fails).
  4.   Accountability.
  5.   Achievability.  It’s totally a word.

Yeah, so unless I am accountable… things won’t get done.  Unless they are in the realms of achievable, they end up being my big sky ideas that never get down to business.

The plan is simple.  I have designed a wee template and will make a wee journal (which will hopefully end my desire to become a bookbinder…. or at least… if I give it a go, I can move on and do other things as well).  Each day I will make short lists of the things that I need to do, and add on the bits that I want to do.

Then I shall post the results.  All going according to plan, knitting projects will be finished, maybe a pattern or 2 published, Youtube videos that have been a plan for ages will come about, and I should have a sound basis for continuing to be responsible and creative into term 2… which is already known as Hell-term.  (We counted… 9 separate performances for school, and 6 evenings of performance for me… most of these in June…. and this does not include the rehearsals for any of them).

Now, enough blogging…. I have sleep to catch up on.



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