Day 1 of Responsible Creativity

I have definitely been responsible. I can claim that. I finished a hat. And I made a journal. I also did not go shopping when I could have…. To do the hat.

I had the chance to speak on the radio in an interview about Shakespeare. It was lovely. But boy, am I tired. After driving to the station, completing the live interview, and then taking both beagles to the vet…. That's pretty much a whole day for me. I'm still recovering from the flu… And I am dreadful at sorting myself out and not trying to do too much. Tonight I am going to bed early, I'm determined.

I have a cool idea for a knitting pattern…. And if I can sort it out by Saturday (sure…. Even I know I'm dreaming) it would be perfect.

My journal is quite awesome though. It has pages that fold out in both directions so that it can fold neatly into my bag, then unfold to something bigger. It isn't perfect, but it works for now. And I have totally done my book binding for now. I still want to do more… But the itch it scratched for the time being.

I still have a scarf to finish, and I should do this tomorrow… I feel a project runway marathon coming on.

For now, here is my journal, and I am completely off to bed… And dreaming of my amigurumi Shakespeare doll.




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