And the end of my challenge

10 days of being responsible with my creativity have paid off.  My house is cleaner, has moved forward as an enterprise, I have tried new things, and I’m not chasing my tail so much.

Here is a tally of my achievements:

  • I bound a book.  Not a big one, but it was a book.
  • I kept a journal for 10 days.
  • I learned my lines (some of them)
  • I performed with people
  • I rehearsed and directed
  • I dyed and sewed costumes
  • I joined a Zine club
  • I knitted a hat (pattern still to be released, it is being tested)
  • I have nearly finished the childrens’ converse slipper patterns
  • I finished 4 knitted objects that needed to be done – including the baby beardie beanie
  • I updated the blog, made a youtube, got a new email…
  • I wrote a stage play
  • I embroidered hankercheifs
  • I tried giant knitting
  • I checked out my Aunt Maureens craft club

I know I could have done more, but like I said, my house is clean.  I got that stuff up to date and replanted the garden.  I took the dogs on interesting walks.  I took them to the vet.  And I managed to get to 7 rehearsals without an issue.  I have more time in the day than I had thought.

While there are things I wanted to do, I am pleased with the way I forced myself to write down one new idea to knit or sew every day.  And it has paid off.  I haven’t forgotten these ideas and some really cool things came out of it.  I have more focus and drive.

All is well.  Let’s see if I can maintain this during the month of May… hell month around here.

My advice:  Sit down even for 5 minutes a day and plan.  Make part of this planning about feeding your soul and creating something new.  It is worth it.


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