Days 3,4,5, and 6 of Responsible Creativity

Yeah, so I haven’t given a blog update for a few reasons, but the main one being that I decided filling your inboxes with my shenanigans probably would get annoying.

But it has been a creatively fullfilling week.  One I hope to emulate every week.  I had been so tired from everyday life, and thinking I had no more time for anything else.  Which is probably correct, but fueling my soul (as I have been calling it) has been the mental wake up call I needed.

So I went to this AMAZING Zine making club – which I will DEFINITELY be going again.  I cranked out a couple of Zines… which when they are copied, I shall show you.  Murtle Chickpea who runs the Zine Museum organised the get together, and it was a blast.  If you are into Zines (or want to know more about it) check out her link above, like the page, and even send her a Zine for her travelling museum.

Then I had rehearsal for a Shakespearean play I am in.  Further to the theme of the challenges of women this year, I am playing Lady Capulet (who clearly is in a tough relationship), Emilia (who is also in a tough relationship) and Anne from Henry V (well, the challenge here is learning French to begin with… then I will figure her out) as well as getting a number of monologues to present (including the ending of The Tempest).

And then working with the dance troupe for Stage Challenge.  I am not a dancer, but I am getting better with movement of people, and understanding what is going on.  It is hard work, but worthwhile.  (even if dying all the costumes various shades of green is doing my head in).

I took the dogs for a walk around the lake (read, around part of the lake and back again) which reminded me of why I love it here.  Then went to the Featherston Market this morning.  And I need to sort out Booktown next.  And the Youtube Channel.  So far I only have a welcome loaded, as I have to edit the tutorials – which make me cringe a bit.

There are still massive challenges in my day to day life, but being this busy has kept my head in the right space.

Also, there will be a new knitting pattern published tonight/tomorrow… time dependent.

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