World Vegan Day

So November 1 was world vegan day, yay! 

But here in our house, it was when my husband declared he will be a vegetarian this month. I am excited. He is a massive meat eater (3+ times a day) as well as a colon cancer survivor, so he should understand why he should eat less meat. When he declared the trial, I jumped on it. What he isn’t aware of is that basically he is vegan this month, other than his milk for cereal, and yogurt pot in his lunchbox. Here’s hoping he stays vegetarian. My goal is to show him the best vegetarian has to offer… as in the long run it would be better for him, and a lot easier for my cooking.

Keep an eye out for new pattern releases coming soon. As one of those little things, I’m working on a few tiny things now that the halloween knitting rush has past. Please excuse the dog fur- moalting season is upon us… but here is a wee preview…

And I have a new set of circular needles to trial. Last year I won an Instructables contest, and I finally cashed in my gift voucher.

And I have been inundated with requests for video tutorials, which I need to get started on.


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