Christmas 2017 – how to get your orders on time

936A42C8-33CE-4A55-ADED-1246DC2FD0A6September and October are always a made rush around here preparing for the Halloween rush… I think the final halloween order has now gone out the door, which is awesome as posting around the world takes time.

Christmas is the next rush period. If you are thinking of knitted gifts for Christmas, here are my hints and suggestions.

By this point, if you were planning big items such as blankets or jerseys, I would hope you have started. Generally these take a while, and I suggest an August kick off for these things. Simpler knits such as hats, toys, scarves and gloves can be started now. Look for online yarn sales, or local ones, and purchase your yarn needs in one order. If you can also cover off the likes of ribbons, tissue paper, googley eyes and the like at the same time, you will be set.

I would also recommend a look into the sale basket in any craft store. Often single balls, or remnants of fabric are heavily discounted as people cannot get enough of the product for a large project. I like to pick up discount odd balls for last minute gift projects. Any of the items listed on the project page under Quick Knits use less than a ball of yarn. The booklet I wrote called Market Knits also has a lot of these. Running up a few extra items such as mug warmers, headbands, flower brooches, bookmarks, and pencil toppers take care of those unexpected guests or gifts for teachers, nurses, or to give away for secret Santa.

If you want to order a set of stocking stuffers, I have a set listed that has a few different items to fill up stockings with unexpected handmade items. Scarves and hats make beautiful gifts, and I have finished items for sale as well.

Christmas postage times from here are as follows:

for New Zealand shoppers: 19th December

for Australia: December 6

for South Oacific, Asia, North America, UK and Europe: 1 December

for the rest of the world: 29 November

if you are looking to purchase a finished item, please feel free to contact me on Etsy, or at, and we can work out knitting times and postage dates before you order.



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