Featherston’s First Fridays

It’s not often that I get to post about a thing on multiple blogs…. sadly. But today I do. And it’s a bonus of living in a thriving small town, with an awesome arts buzz.

Now, Featherston hasn’t always been a thriving town. In fact when we moved here, it wasn’t. But the potential was there. In the last few years we have become a Booktown with an awesome festival of books, and I’ve joined awesome arts groups, including a ukulele jam, a zine club and a knitting circle. It’s cool.

Now that it’s summer, the First Friday’s are back. The first Friday of the month is host to a free family friendly event combining arts and crafts. And it’s cool.

This week was a band complete with theremin player and make your own bunting. The bunting will return for every Friday. Decorated with lanterns and hammocks, it’s a cool hangout- and a free bbq which as a vegan I’m less enthused, but meat eaters can rejoice.s


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