Knitters Pride – needle review

This is a post I’ve been meaning to make for a while now. Ages back I won a $50 gift voucher for Webs online. After browsing and making decisions, I thought it would be a good idea to get a set of metal circular needles. So, it should be said that this isn’t a sponsored post, and it’s not a paid review… but I didn’t actually REALLY pay for the needles- if anything, you all did because it was a knitting pattern that won the prize.

So I ordered a set of interchangeable needles from Knitters Pride. I already had a set of dpn’s from them, which I bought because they were short… I am clearly an odd knitter… so I wanted to try the circular ones. I’ve also not found them here in New Zealand.

Anyway, I have completed 2 projects with these needles thus far- one chunky hat and one hat in sportweight yarn. I was worried about that metallic tinge you can get from metal needles, and I was worried about hurting my hands. I normally like the relaxation of wooden needles. I also worried that they would make too much of a clicking sound.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. They were a nice weight and length, and the cables did not come unwound easily. The sound is fine most of the time- not as good as bamboo needles during a performance… and I have now discovered I can’t use the Knitters Pride set when operating the sound desk during a show. 😂

The best part of the set has to be the case. There are 8 sets of needles, and 4 cables. The needles have their own windowed slots, and the cables have a pouch. The whole thing zips up neatly and lays flat. I have a set of needles in a zip top pouch that are always getting jumbled because it’s too hard to sort them out. The case is well made, of a good quality and non bulky.

I also appreciate how the needles are different colours, and the sizes are embossed into the needles. The struggles of life working out the sizes of especially loose needles 😂 I’ve spent too many hours trying to sort it out.

The price was pretty good, though delivery was insane. I would totally recommend the needles if you don’t need to pay postage, or at least, international postage.

Genuinely I am impressed with this set, and totally I will continue to both use and love them. (The cables also fit on the knitpro needles and vice versa, so that’s a quiet win as well)

If you are interested in this set, here is a link to Amazon where you can find them. (Click the image below)


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