12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 – Christmas Hat Bauble

And it is the last day!  I hope you have enjoyed this list of 12 things, all pretty quick to make.  Here is the last one.  From start to finish, it takes less than an hour.

Christmas Hat Bauble

This is literally the shortest knit I have ever produced. Insane.

You will need:

  • 4mm needles
  • DK red yarn – the really cheap acryllic is best here
  • Fluffy DK yarn in white
  • Darning needle
  • Cake fork (the tiny ones)
  • Christmas Bauble to fill
  • Thread
  • Red ribbon

Cast on 20 stitches in fluffy white yarn. Knit 1, purl 1 across the row.

Change to red. Starting with a purl row, stockinette stitch 7 rows (Alternating rows of knit and purl).

Knit 2 together over whole row.
Purl 2 together over whole row.

Cut yarn, thread through the 5 stitches, pull tight. Use this tail to stitch up the back of the hat.

Tiny pom-pom

Using the white yarn, wrap around the tines of the tiny fork about 10 times. Wrap yarn through the tines to tie in the centre. Slide off the fork, and cut the yarn at the end into a pom pom shape. Stitch to the top of the hat.

Thread the thread through the top of the hat under the pom pom. Insert the hat into the bauble (tweezers work well here) carefully keeping the thread on the outside. Place on the top so that the thread helps the hat hang inside the bauble. Decorate with a red ribbon around the top of the bauble.



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