And it is just about the New Year…

It is hard to believe that this year is nearly over.  It has been a rollercoaster of a year.

Hopefully things in 2018 will continue to look up and improve.  And there is a lot in the future.  For now I have a lot of plans, and a lot of planners.  Literally, I have a lot.  I have a massive classroom planner (you can access free copies of my planning pages here) which is an A5 Kikki K planner, and I have a personal A6 Kikki K planner which I use to co-ordinate my community responsibilities and general life.  I have a passport sized planner in my wallet for day to day stuff.  A massive A2 wall planner for work.  And a travelers notebook for actually travel stuff.  Crazy.  But it is working.

As my focus is completely on plans at the moment, I have been making a lot of planner accessories (because it is cute).  You will see some popping up from time to time on this page with knitting patterns if you like.

And you can expect the first 2018 Newsletter out next Sunday (YAY).  It promises to be…. well…. I don’t actually know what it promises to be, but I hope that I have made it easier to manage than the mini-magazine it started to become previously.  It will continue to have free and exclusive patterns only available for subscribers… but we shall see what else the future holds for it.  If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so here.

In the mean time, feast your eyes on this cutie:



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