Christmas Gift Knitting Guide – Mothers and Grandmothers

This year I am starting the Christmas Gift Knitting Guide with the most difficult group – mothers and nanas. Generally they are hard to buy for, because, “oh, you shouldn’t have…” and other phrases they use. Now there are a lot of specific recommendations here, but none are affiliate links, they are just products and company’s that I think are awesome.

If you have someone in your life who is a great knitter with many, many years of experience, what do you get for them? This is always a challenge. My theory – get them a new jazzy supply, something they may not have tried, or they wouldn’t buy for themselves. A while back I got a set of metal inter-changable circular needles. The price was good, and honestly, the best set ever in my view. You can have a look at my review here. The Knitter’s Pride set are lovely, but there are others.

You could also get them a wee handmade cable needle. These are beautiful, and prevalent on Etsy. Pop it in a gift card, along with a voucher for a local yarn store.

Another idea, particularly if you are not a knitter yourself, is pop over to Lion Brand Yarns or Wool and the Gang. There you can buy whole kits, or patterns with simple buttons to click to buy all the things needed to make them in one location, and a great price. Here is a really artisan company in Wanaka, New Zealand, The Woven. She creates absolutely top-knotch yarns and kits. They are truly special. A bit more spendy… but worth it. 

If you are knitting for a mother or a nana, go for something practical and beautiful. Shawls are always a popular and versatile option. Or a nice hat. These patterns have been popular of late on this site:

On Monday a new pattern will be released, so don’t forget to follow the blog. And then next week we will deal with a gift guide for Dad’s.


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