MKAL 2020 – finishing up

So, this was initially designed as a baby car-seat or pram blanket…. as the neighbour is somewhat with child.

However, there is a number of things you can make with the pieces and I’ll get into it at the end.

Firstly – the blanket.

Lay out your pieces 3 across and 4 down, in order. Stitch the sides of the rows together. Then pin and stitch the rows together. You can leave the edges as is, crotchet the edge in a blanket stitch, icord a border or knit a thin boarder of 8cm in garter stitch to go around the whole thing.

If you made more than the 12 pieces – eg: making multiple versions, you could either stitch them into a larger blanket. This is a good idea as the stitch patterns are good practise for beginners or intermediate knitters to try something different. Or, you could be adventurous and attempt the now famous Harry Styles cardigan with a twist. If you follow the directions here, or this YouTube tutorial, you will be able to make the cardigan with ease.

If you wish to sew the squares into 2 3×2 rectangles, you can make a feature pillow…. or use 9 squares as the front of a regular sized 40cm throw pillow.


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