It’s been a lot of a year…

Well. 2021. And I find myself back in Lockdown. Post-surgery. Post-mothers-funeral.

It’s been a lot of a year to say the least. But I haven’t forgotten you all. I just had to put you all on the back burner for a while.

But what can I say.

I am knitting. It was a hard journey in 2020 to knit- moving house and lockdown added to these stresses… as well as a wealth of strange injuries. One chopped part of a finger off… another nearly left me blind (and does still plague me with eye fatigue, light disturbances and migraine triggers). Then Mum took a downward turn. And eventually died. Then just last week I was back in hospital with surgery for Endometriosis. Annnnnd now it is another covid related lockdown here in New Zealand.

But, I am doing well… mostly.

Cyrus Jumper from Wool and the Gang

I have been filming and uploading a lot on my theatre channel on YouTube, and now I am making an effort to edit and upload things filmed for the Knit Guru channel – which has been left silent in the background for a long time. I have a “what I’ve been knitting” video up, a review of a knitting book, and a yarn haul loaded this morning. I have a few things I want to review – a couple of patterns from Wool and the Gang and The Woven as well as yarn from a few places I wanted to try.

There are patterns I want to create but for the time being, my brain is still a bit too adled to get into too much. But soon they will flow. I have a few to just tidy up before publishing… my lockdown slippers still need to be loaded and a mobius strip scarf pattern which will involve a video to show a few things methinks.

Anywho… back. Sort of. Hopefully. And I hope this pandemic is treating you kindly.


4 thoughts on “It’s been a lot of a year…

  1. Wow, thank you for letting your public know what has been happening in your life! This year hasn’t been too bad for me here in The States except for this past Monday when my older brother passed away. He was in declining health so it was not the total shock that it could otherwise have been. Do not worry about putting us on your back burner, as long as you come back to us and send out your newsletters, I am sure that the vast majority of them will be read. Thank you for being on the Internet and I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother.

  2. healing thoughts and prayers from way across the pond here in the US…will be thinking positive thoughts, and looking forward to your postings

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