Ear Savers – Free Knitting Pattern

Last time we went into Lockdown, my cousin began crocheting ear savers. This didn’t interest me in the slightest – mostly as I had my own struggles moving into an unfinished house, running without internet, or television, and struggling with legal battles over the sale of the old house. That, and we weren’t mandated to wear masks as yet. Now we have the mandate, and I understand the need for the ear savers.

So here are 2 that I made just recently.

Ear savers for mask wearers

Knitted version

Using DK (8ply yarn) on 4mm knitting needles

Cast on 11 stitches.
Row 1: Knit all the stitches
Row 2: Purl 1, knit 1 (repeat over all the stitches, ending on a p1)

Do this for 20 rows (or 10cm)

Cast off.

Stitch 2 buttons, one on each end.

Crochet version

Using a 4mm hook and DK (8ply) yarn

Single crochet for 18 rows.

Stitch 2 buttons, one on each end.

Now, this is my first crochet project, so the pattern may well be terrible in terms of crochet terms… I mainly wanted to post it because I was impressed with myself for even having made a crochet thing.


One thought on “Ear Savers – Free Knitting Pattern

  1. I might like these better than the plastic ear savers, as I expect more comfort. But I sewed my masks with ties and avoid ear hangers as much as is humanly possible. Thank you for sharing, in case I decide I need to try this.

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