What I knit in August

I had expected to be a machine in August, knitting away comfortably whilst recovering from surgery. It turns out that that was far from reality. I did sit and knit…. though at one point I was managing a row before sleeping for an hour, and most of the time I was getting the rows wrong. I have left most of the mistakes in my knitting, especially if it is just projects for me, as its all part of the story now.

Then as I was about to return to work, we entered another lockdown as the covid variant entered New Zealand. This hit me for a curve ball, and by the time I relax into being locked in, it’ll be time to return to work.

However, I did manage to complete a few projects off the list. The husband asked for a hat, so life stopped to knit him one. I completed my Bernie Sanders mittens – which were fine. And I did make a sock. I continued working on the grey jumper from my mother’s abandoned projects, and the Mystery Blanket KAL from The Woven.

Anywho, I made a video, so please enjoy my knit rantings.

The pattern for the husband hat will be released after I have re-worked it just a little, as I think it is an ideal learning project.


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