What’s up on YouTube

Years ago I started a YouTube channel for this blog. Mostly because I was creating a lot of videos for work, and then some things needed explaining further than I could write them. But it quickly fell into the backseat as I took on more work at work, and more knitting requests. Then came the house construction. So life was just busy.

Recently I have been somewhat obsessed with watching “What I am knitting” videos on YouTube. So I filmed one…. As well as a review of the Vogue Knitting book …. that spans nearly a year in the filming process to be honest. I’m hoping I can continue uploading videos here, and eventually the video tutorials that we the reason for starting the channel in the first place.

In the meantime, please enjoy the “What I have been Knitting” video.

What I have been knitting in July 2021

And this video, a bit of a yarn haul from Hobbii.


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