Wool and the Gang – Let Go Throw Review

Recently I caved in and ordered from “Wool and the Gang” because the hype was real, and the yarn looked so soft. I ordered 2 kits – because given how far things needed to travel, it made sense to go hard…..

The first project I completed was the Let Go Throw. This is a lap blanket made from their crazy sexy wool, with braided cable details. I chose the colour duck egg blue.

The kit came with a really good quality circular needle and cable needle, as well as the darning needle needed to complete the project, and all the yarn. Mostly it was exactly as proclaimed – if you can do cables, it was a quick easy knit. If you want to learn cables, it was a straight forward project. For its size it knitted up quickly.

My biggest complaint is with the wool itself. Yes it is beautifully soft – but it does shed and pill over time. I can live with this in general, but given that it is a premium priced product, I would have preferred it to be more stable or at least shed less. I am not a fan of the vacuuming. It is a super quick knit, and I am going to try the pattern again with different yarn – as I do think that this is a really wonderful idea for a really special gift.

However, if you want my full, unbiased, review – it is here. I have edited all my thoughts into one video.


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