I made the Bernie Sanders Inauguration Mittens

So, just as the title proclaims, I made the meme mittens themselves. What is part and parcel of my process, I ended up watching so so so many stories of the mittens themselves – and finding out that they are made from cutting up a thrifted jumper kinda made them even more appealing to knit somehow.

However, I wasn’t about the reinvent the wheel for a pair of fair isle mittens in shades that I rarely, if ever, wear. So, I found this pattern on Ravelry, and moved on with them.

Now the pattern itself was completely fine, and I would only make a few changes to it for my tastes. Mainly, to extend the ribbed wrist section. The other struggle I had was around the whether to carry the yarn or cut it off….. I opted to cut it off and darn in a thousand loose ends for mitten two, and that was so much better for the fit of the thing. If anyone can give me the secret to perfecting tension on carried yarns in fair isle knitting, I would be most appreciative. The other thing I wasn’t prepared for was the breezy-ness of the mittens when wearing them. But I am unused to wearing mittens in the first place.

Bernie Mittens!

Now, I am not American, and the whole Presidential nomination and election kerfuffle makes the process seem unwieldy and complicated. However, everyone has their own processes and different countries do different things. I do like the way everyone shows up to the inauguration and a show of support for the new President.


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