What do you need to actually start knitting?

Over the years I have been asked a thousand times to teach people to knit. This has been a joy, teaching others to knit since I was a kid. At one point I was running a dual Doctor Who watching club whilst teaching them to knit Whovian projects.

However, I live in rural New Zealand, and more often than not, people who do wish to learn to knit aren’t in my vicinity…. and with recent global events, more people are turning to knitting and crochet for relaxation…. though in person teaching isn’t possible.

There are so many tutorials online for learning the stitches, but prompted by a crochet YouTuber who began the process of learning to knit, I have created a list of products you need to learn to knit. This is subjective clearly, but the methods and items I have used to teach others over the years. This video is not a knitting tutorial, but but more like a pre-tutorial… what you need to get going before you start, as well as which items to upgrade to once you are doing well.

Feel free to share this with anyone who wants to take the plunge and learn knitting in these very changeable times.


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