“Christian Girl Autumn” – Essential Knits

Somehow I ended up down an internet rabbit hole last week and discovered the sequel to “Hot Girl Summer” is “Christian Girl Autumn” – typified by warm tones, cable and chunky knits, furs and wools, and boots. I laughed hysterically and spent and entire day down the rabbit hole before realising that the name of the meme is irreverent… these are just essential autumn knit pieces as they allow for change of seasons.

Cables, snuggly knits, and soft textiles make up the “Christian Girl Autumn” meme

So here is my list of free knitting projects to hit that “Christian Girl Autumn” aesthetic…. and to keep warm.

Gilmore Girls Hat

Essential hat – this is a staple for me in duck egg blue… so much so that I am about to remake it in baby pink….. ticks off the knit and fur requirements.

Boot toppers

Not warm enough for full long socks, too cool to just wear flip-flops…. fake boot toppers for the win. Essential for chunky ankle and calf girls like myself.

Ponytail or Bun beanies

What could be more fitting than a hat allowing for the messy bun or soft waves of autumn styles?

This one has cables.
This one has different cables.
This one is the basic one if you aren’t ready for cables.

Pumpkin aesthetic… because fall….
Mini pumpkins
Slightly larger pumpkin
Baby pumpkin booties

And all the cabled projects because what is more autumn than cable knits?
Cabled “Mandi” hat
Braided Cable Cup Cozy – Knitting Pattern
Knitted braided cable bracelet
Striped Cable Beanie – Knitting Pattern
Cable Brim Beanie – Knitting Pattern

Scarves…. because it’s getting cooler and there is nothing cooler than hanging out in a chunky scarf.
“Talia Bright” scarf
“Mitchell” scarf
Colour Block Scarf

And finally, what is autumn without a woodland fox item or two…..
Fox scarf
Fox or Wolf Beanie


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