Christmas is coming…

It’s that time again where it is summer down here in New Zealand, and all of a sudden the end of the year starts rolling around. Soon it will be shorts, tee shirts and Santa….

In the last few years, the concept of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have hit our shores. Whilst attempting to hold off on buying yarn until then…. I didn’t. Too much yarn has been purchased for the Christmas period. I would like to defend my actions because of the following:
– shipping delays – lilke OMG! Shipping is taking so long for everything… except Nespresso.
– Birthdays – my best friends birthday is the start of December
– The need for Christmas patterns

Every year I launch a range of patterns for the Christmas period – and this year I am determined to release a whole wad, from quick and cozy knits as gifts, through to Christmas themed projects. The plan involves releasing the bigger projects first up in December, and the shorter last minute ones in the run up to Christmas Eve. So watch this space.

In the meantime, what will I end up buying on Black Friday? I hate to think. But it better be a “No New Yarn” January………

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