A Complicated Relationship… with yarn

Growing up I did a lot of knitting…. a whole lot. Then in my early teaching career, it took a back burner to all the things that needed to be developed for my job. When I broke my leg, the yarn came back in a vengeance, followed by the pattern design. Now I have a complicated relationship with yarn.

During the first lockdown I had anticipated being able to sit and knit for hours on end. Instead what hit was a creative block. The struggle to bring something into reality was so intense. I saw creative friends writing songs, making paintings, sculpting and playing… and I was struggling to just exist. Every task took so long, and each day so exhausting.

Finding a way back to my love of yarn and knitting was a struggle. I ended up diving headfirst into knit-kits… where someone could tell me what to make, and what to make it with, and how to do it. Following the instructions slowly helped to crawl out of the creative funk that I was in.

It also cemented the fact that the yarn matters. Sometimes I need something super soft and chunky and warm. Sometimes it needs to be something small, thin, delicate, requiring attention. Sometimes it needs to be a bright and cheery colour.

Mostly I have learned to give myself permission to use the nice yarns that have been hoarded over the years. And permission to have multiple projects on the go at once. Because variety is the spice of life.

For now, keep an eye on this space. Soon there will be a run of Christmas knits, and quickly knit projects that can be gifted to friends and family this holidays.


2 thoughts on “A Complicated Relationship… with yarn

  1. As I have gotten older, I am making simpler patterns just for the pure joy of knitting. I am busy emptying my parents’ house. Each time I do a donation of the stuff to a charity, I throw in a simple project like a dish cloth, towel, potholder, I just keep knitting. Yes, when I wasn’t 78 years old, I used to design things, and I still regularly rewrite patterns to my satisfaction, even now. However, I love the joy of knitting as a meditation where I get reminded of ideas, etc just as though I was sitting meditating. Being able to share my knitting to others is a true joy and the people who are at the charity recognize that there will be something hand knitted in the box I bring in each week.

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