You know when every year is a dumpster fire?

Okay, so maybe not quite a dumpster fire… but it is close.

I am sure that we are all in the same boat, finding life more and more challenging. I know my day to day job continues to offer up new and frequent dumpster fires to put out, and I for one would love a break from it all. And then there is my personal life. But that is a story for another time.

For now I am just hoping to finish the sock I started in July. Yes, July. To be fair I knit a pair of socks in April that only need the ends darned in and they can be worn, and I haven’t done that either. I would like to say that its just been busy with the day job. But it is so much more than that.

I am envious of the people who have creatively thrived through covid. Those that wrote manuscripts and took up new hobbies and became super fit. I managed to master online shopping, starting various projects without finishing them, and cry lonely tears in the shower. Admittedly, I have had health scares and parental loss in this time frame also, but the challenges of being a performing artist in times where people stay indoors are unique.

Now we are facing a world that is rapidly going back to “normal” but navigating these waters of emotional struggle and strain as finding what normal is, coming out of a cocoon of fear, and wondering if anyone will even come to the show we are putting on…. its just a lot.

So I will finish my sock. One day. And hopefully one day soon. I will admit to purchasing yarn I did not need during a staff meeting on Monday…. and a spinning wheel back in June…. so I am so fully on board with slowly climbing out of my covid hiding hole.

In the time being, thank you for being readers and knitters and just the best group I can imagine.


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