Good Morning!

What I had not anticipated this week was that darned daylight saving!  I have never felt so tired in the morning.  It was a struggle to get up and fix lunch for the husband and myself- but it is done, and I am feeling rather proud of my efforts…. so proud I am blogging instead of heading out the door or into the shower!

So here it is… in the hamburger bento.  In the bottom layer we have a simple salad of rocket, cheese, avodcado and apple rolled in lemon juice, a boiled bantum egg and lashings of parsley.  In the piigy bottle is some honey mustard dressing.

Top layer has the frittata from yesterday, nuts and raisins, and some yogurt covered dried apricots.  One square meal bar and an apple on the side.

Some have complained with the shaped bentos being too small or impractical.  I have found this one to be perfect for salads and snacks, easy to eat from, and a good size portion.  The top layer is deep as the lid has more space in it.  I cannot sing the praises of this bento enough.

All of this has been put in the wrong bag- but I wanted some yellow brick road influence!

Now I am off for a shower and rehearsal.


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