The Frittata Master

Well, I am the Master of the Frittata… self proclaimed.  So, as I am currently in my “get back into bento shape” mode, here is my legendary instant frittata… 😀  Turn the oven on now… I usually cook at 180 degrees c.

1.  Potatoes.  I prefer to use 2 red desiree potatoes.  Slice and boil til cooked.  Not overcooked.  Arrange at the bottom of a cake tin.  I have opted for the cake tin recently, lined with baking paper because the clean-up is non-existent!  I used to use the ol’ silicon tart thingy (not a tin… what do you call that thing?)… but this is easier and does not warp like silicon bakeware. 

2.  Sprinkle frozen vegies from a mixed bag.  I tend to like Watties mixed vege with carrots, corn and peas…. but go crazy.

3.  Check the fridge for fresh vegies that can be added.  Today I added a baby leek. sliced thinnly (instead of onions, as fresh leeks have an amazing flavour)

4.  Herbs.  I have parsley growing rampantly in the garden, so screeds of parsley are being used in EVERYTHING at the moment.

5.  In a jug (or bowl, but I find a 1 litre pyrex jug is perfect for mixing and pouring from) whisk together eggs (I went with 7 small, free-range eggs today) and a dash of milk…. with salt and pepper.  Non-vegetarians could add bacon or ham at this point.  Pour eggy mixture over the vegetables.

6.  Slice tomato…. arrange on the top (I use as a guide of how many pieces I want in the end…)

7.  Sprinkle with grated cheese.  Today I used mild cheddar, but Parmesan is my usual cheese of choice.

8.  Bake until the egg is not runny and the cheese is melted etc.  Usually about an hour, but that is just a feeling really.

Voila!  Completed, perfect frittata without any stress or hassle.  Loves it.  Basically I now eat 2 pieces for dinner, and put the rest in airtight containers in the fridge or freezer, to be taken in bento over the week.


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