Free Despicable Me Minion Knitting Patterns

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By now my regular readers are well aware of the “Despicable Me” patterns I have designed, and Ravelry users will recognise them too. But I also know that it’s kinda difficult to find the one you want, so I’m going to link all the current (and future) patterns on this post. Each hat or toy uses slightly different techniques. By checking each pattern first, you can mix and match elements to create your own unique knitted hat or toy.

Minion Toys
These are simple knits, with only a few challenges in the making. They are all knitted flat, but people have very successfully converted these for knitting in the round.
One eyed Minion

Two eyed Minion

Minion Hats
These are all really easy to knit. Some Ravelry users have made this as beginners. Because of the travelling yarn or intarsia in the tops, the inside tidiness isn’t so important, so…

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4 thoughts on “Free Despicable Me Minion Knitting Patterns

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  3. I was directed here from ‘At Home with the Lunchbox Guru’ looking for the free one eyed Minion hat pattern, so where is it?
    None of the 3 links above work and the 10 Minion pattern booklet is neither available or FREE
    Feeling very disgruntled

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