Day 2. Ticking things off the list

Another busy day passed, and I feel like I am on some sort of track.

The scarf is nearly there.  Tomorrow it will be ready for over-dying.  And I have a design idea for a knitted shark.  Clearly this is the type of thing the world needs!

I’m still looking at differences to make on here.  I have a new email address – which will help separate all my emails!  And I will definitely have a new tab for Knitting Patterns as well as one for How To’s.  This will include video tutorials.  (And a wee tripod is on the to-do list for Friday as my old one isn’t particularly reliable.)

Sadly, I did make a boo-boo earlier today and went off to a rehearsal… that I wasn’t in.  So there is an hour I could have been using for something else.  Oh well, live and learn I guess.  Between this and dealing with a sick beagle (she is on antibiotics… hopefully she has an infection rather than lymphoma…. poor thing)… I feel like I am doing alright in context.


Hats in the mail


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