Updated Bofur Scarf Knitting Pattern

Life is chaos, simple as that. Technically I am clearly trying to do too many things at once, but the aim is to simplify. The YouTube channel is taking a sidestep at the moment, and pattern testing and designing moves up.

Here is a wee updated pattern for you. The original Bofur scarf has been popular. However, weird things have happened of late, and somehow the images have disappeared. Also, I have re-worked the pattern again, so it was worth re-posting. It’s still a very simple knit.

You will need:

– size 10mm needles

– DK yarn in yellow, orange, silver, murky-blue and copper. I’ll link over to a great store to grab these from at the bottom of the post.
Cast on 30 stitches on the needles in blue.
Garter stitch 12 rows. (6 ridges showing on the good side) this is straight knit stitches, so easy peasey.

Change to copper. Garter stitch 32 rows (16 ridges)

Change to yellow. Garter stitch 12 rows (5 ridges)

Change to grey. Garter stitch 26 rows (13 ridges)

Change to orange. Garter stitch 24 rows (12 ridges)

Change to grey. Garter stitch 10 rows (5 ridges)

Change to copper. Garter stitch 32 rows (16 ridges)

Change to blue. Garter stitch 12 rows (6 ridges). Cast off.
Throw the whole scarf in warm water. Soak, then squeeze out the water. Stretch the scarf lengthwise. Hang up to dry. I find doing this in the sun over the washing line is great for this.
When dry, darn in your tails.
Your scarf should be about 2 metres in length after stretching, give or take. A bit depending on your tension. It wears well, and looks awesome.


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