A kind of a catch up

Hello all!

It has been a very busy time knitting away, but without a lot of new patterns being released. I have a couple of updates soon to spring to life, and a few projects in the works… but that is all.

This Bofur Scarf has been popular again, as is the Edith hat. I think it is the Halloween season, which always seems to have me knitting and posting items around the world at a frenetic pace. 

I also started my Masters in Creative Writing. It all happened very suddenly in June. So it’s been busy getting the elements all sorted, assignments finished, trips to uni, and trying to remember how to be a student again. On top of this, I have been selected to travel to London in July 2018 to perform at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. I’m so excited… but it is a lot of money to raise between now and March, like, $10,000……….

And I’m still a vegan. If people are interested, I’ll post my 2 month Vegan update.

But I am hopeful. ☺️ 

So back to those needles, as every stitch counts towards my goal. And hopefully a newsletter update will happen shortly.


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