7 Day Vegan Challenge… Day 2

Right, so I’m still alive… that’s a bonus.

To be fair, I thought I would have been hungry by now. But I haven’t been. And this includes having fruit for lunch.

But… work was, well, tough. Mainly as I forgot my green tea. So I was stuck with black tea… with no milk. I have now picked up some soy milk for the work fridge. I teach theatre… and I run on caffeine and hopes and dreams. That’s tough when I don’t have the milk 😂 tomorrow should be better.

I watched “What the Health” on Netflix… and now I can’t look at dairy the same way. Totally recommend if you are doing the challenge. Being vegan seems to be less niche than I thought. The link between dairy and cancer and endometriosis is strong. And all my family (and husband) have had cancer. The husband had colon cancer probably caused by red meat. I have had several surgeries for endometriosis… and was described as the worst case the lead gyno-surgeon in the country had seen… so if I can lessen the effects of this chronic disease, that’s winning for me.

I’ve finally found a decent vegan chocolate 😂

I went to see my hairdresser, Gail. She always puts my life in perspective (and feeds me glorious snacks). She is a mostly-vegan, generally vegetarian…. 100% organic eater. I adore her. She has recommended another film and lent me a vegan cookbook. 

I still feel like the wheels will fall off soon, and I’ll hit a wall. I’m trying to be prepared for this. But, I’m alive, and I’m doing well. I haven’t had a migraine since starting the challenge. I miss chocolate biscuits.


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