7 Day Vegan Challenge – Day 3

Things are going well…. though it is only Tuesday. I watched a YouTube clip of someone doing the challenge, who didn’t get it. Basically substituting regular foods for vegan foods isn’t the solution – by this I mean swapping the food for the substitute. 

The trick is to focus on the plant based aspect. Today I’m fairly certain I hit my fruits and veggies target…. they say 5 for health, but 9 for the brain…. breakfast had beans and hashbrowns (2 vege servings..) lunch had lentils, a salad, kiwi fruit and grapes (4 more fruit or vege servings)… afternoon tea included a banana and berry smoothie (2 more servings) and dinner was a soy based “meatball” and spaghetti (2 more servings)…. I’m at 8 already… if I had remembered to eat my pear for morning tea, I would be on a veritable roll.

I still need to take my soy milk to school… I had green tea today which was fine… but I do feel caffeine deprived at the moment. Teaching is hard… coffee is my crutch. I feel like if I don’t remember it tomorrow, I will hit a wall and the wheels will fall off. I’m not sure what will happen this weekend. I have to fly to Auckland and stay overnight. This may be easy, or just too hard to stay on track. Then next week I’m back at Massey University to complete a performance assessment for my Masters. This should be trying times.

But… I feel like I’m on the right track. Yes, I am farting more (tmi sorry) but this shall settle. And I am probably eating more than I did before – but it’s eating better foods. We shall see. I need coffee and time to write another proposal. Maybe a vegan chocolate square. To be quite honest, I would have usually cleaned off an entire pack of biscuits by this point in the week normally.

And here was dinner…. 


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